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UYUTO Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1975 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Painting, Department of Western Painting

After working at an event company, a movie production company, and a solder maker, he has been an accessory writer since 2010.

The disorder called ADHD is called individuality, and he continues his activities while interacting with him every day.

In 2019, he won the Grand Prix at the "Aiming Solo Exhibition" sponsored by Minami Aoyama NADAR as PHOTOGRAPHER.
After that, he made a postcard type ZINE from the photographs he had taken, and also worked on goods such as printed T-shirts.

Started APPAREL from 2020.
He goes to the cloths and cloth stores he has bought and sells, and manufactures and sells clothes and accessories he designed himself with a dressmaker.

"Natural stone rough series" that simply nails the rough stones and crystals of natural stone that you bought yourself to match the stone
"Concept series" to acquire the wisdom of life by dismantling and reconstructing the phenomenon that moved the heart and putting it into accessories
"Reborn Series" is a redefinition of the value of replacing finished items and old tools with wearable forms.

We create designs that make use of materials and accessories that embody the concept.
In recent years, he has also worked on collaborative works with artists from all over Japan that he met at the exhibition.

Main exhibitors Department stores Ikebukuro Seibu, Matsuya Ginza, Umeda Hankyu, Abeno Harukas, Sapporo Daimaru, etc. Select shops, Gallery Kawagoe Sokonowa, Beppu Spica, Okayama Maruzen, Kumamoto Ginza, Tottori January and June, etc.

ADHD is a mental disorder that I am born with. Part of the symptoms of ADHD is that the presence or absence of inspiration and concentration affects the pace of work.

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