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We will sell one piece "Mimosa no Yume" on order.

UYUTO APPAREL's "Mimosa's Dream" dress has been well received and will be mass-produced and sold on order. The price you care about is 19,800 yen! I kept it at a price that can be bought as a set with a petti skirt of 16500 yen.

There are two colors, yellow and purple Order period 2021/06/16 ~ 8/31 scheduled. Delivery date: Mid-January 2022 Can you enjoy decorating the wall until the Mimosa season in March. Size M.L (S size will be adjusted at an additional charge)

Mimosa pattern is on the hem and sleeves.

Close up on the sleeve design! It has a wrapped button and is designed with two tapes. Is the cute!

The third piece is arranged with an optional petite skirt)

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